The Theatre Gallery shows some of the work I've done with amateur theatre groups both here in Australia and in the US.

I've included some fun stuff I did for our Elementary (Primary) school in the US - just to show what can be done very cheaply with just some foam and spare wood.

Amateur theatre is always a challenge - working to short timescales and limited budgets! Nonetheless, the gallery might spark some ideas for "unusual" projects - perhaps you've always wanted your own gargoyles or serpent stairposts!

Click once on any image to get an enlarged view. You can scroll through the images in the enlarged view by moving the mouse over the picture to reveal navigation prompts.

I Hate Hamlet - Vienna Theatre Company

Barrymore's Apartment - theatre set Gargoyle under construction - theatre prop Gargoyle - theatre prop Serpent stairposts - theatre set

Pirate Party & Chinese New Year - Stenwood Elementary

Pirate Ship Quaterdeck - theatre prop Foam canon - theatre prop Dragon's Head - prop

Oliver - Vienna Youth Players

Oliver street scene - theatre set Oliver - Brownlow Residence - theatre set

Seussical - Vienna Youth Players

Jungle of Nool - theatre set Seuss House - theatre prop Seuss Monkeys - theatre prop Seussical - theatre set

Scout Shouts 2008

Gargoyle Candelabra - theatre prop Space Ship - theatre prop

Comedy Capers 2009

Red Dragon
door monster door monster door monster door monster nightscape Goblin Head Cats Trees

Comedy Capers 2009 - Characters Done in Collaboration with Alan Thompson's Puppet Workshop

Ka Hathi Wolf Green Dragon Fish Headpieces Sea Horse Cat in the Hat

Theatrebugs - Wind in the Willows

Willow Rushes set construction

Theatrebugs - Fairytales (2009 Mid-Term Performance)

Fairytales 2009 Main Stage Muffine Man Frog Prince Small Set

Theatrebugs - Pinnochio (2009 Spring Pantomime)

Pinnochio Set Gepetto's Workshop School Room Puppet Theatre Beach Scene

The Adelaide Credit Union Christmas Pageant - Events SA

Dolls Dolls Xmas RTW sketch Xmas RTW Xmas RTW Xmas RTW Xmas RTW animals sketch Xmas RTW Xmas RTW Xmas RTW Xmas RTW Jazz Rotunda sketch Jazz Rotunda Jazz Rotunda Jazz Rotunda Pippi Pippi Alien Aliens Pippi Clown props Clown Dog props Flower props Cat Bagpipe props

Theatrebugs - Christmas Show 2010

Xmas Show Xmas Show
logo gif