Murals can really add some excitement to a kids bedroom or playroom, or that sense of ambiance if you need a trompe l'oeil for your restaurant. The murals shown in the gallery were developed with very different requirements in mind.

The billabong mural was completed on a transportable frame and mounted behind a large window frame to simulate a bush scene as viewed through a cabin window. The Seuss-town mural was for a doctor's surgery specialising in young families, and so the mural was designed to appeal to young children (we wrote an accompanying Dr Suess-like story along the lines of "I can see... can you?" so that the kids could be kept occupied trying to find the various elements in the mural). The undersea mural is a more standard mural designed for a pre-teen's rumpus room.

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Seuss Town - Family Doctor's Surgery

Seuss town mural Clock Tower - Seuss mural

Bush Scene - Movable Mural

Billabong mural

Rumpus Room

Sea mural mural Sea Turtle sea mural
Scorpion Fish - sea mural Leafy Sea Dragon - sea mural Dolphin - sea mural

Georgia's Bedroom

Jungle Mural Chimps - Jungle Mural Jaguar - Jungle Mural Sloth - Jungle Mural Toucan - Jungle Mural

Outdoor Feature Wall - Private Residence

Garden Mural Owner's Cat

Bugs Cafe

Bugs Cafe Long Wall Bugs Cafe Small Wall Bugs Cafe End Wall Window Cut Out Window Cut Out Outside View Bugs Cafe - Inside Bugs Cafe - Play Area

Scarface (Al Pacino) Themed Home Theatre - Private Residence

Scarface Mural Scarface Mural Scarface Mural
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