Many of the pieces you'll see on this page appear on other pages on this site - however the captions that appear when you click on an image describe the "why" behind each piece of artwork, rather than just describing "what" it is...

For example the seed sculpture was developed to complement a Moroccan-themed room in a private home, but a series of such pieces may well be the sort of unique project that would work well in your restaurant.

Whether you want a trompe l'oeil, a hand-painted or hand-drawn card as a gift for your special loved one, folk-art decorated furniture or even costumes...

Contact us and have a chat - you'll be surprised what we can create and it won't blow your budget!

Click once on any image to get an enlarged view. You can scroll through the images in the enlarged view by moving the mouse over the picture to reveal navigation prompts.

Platypus - prop Dingo - prop Emu - prop Dragon head - prop Capsicum - oil painting Ratatouille - drawing
Spiral pasta - oil painting Rooster - drawing Serpent - theatre prop Shouts Serpent - theatre prop Trees at Avesbury - oil painting Seed sculpture - artwork Skill tester - prop Pink Monster Purple Monster Space Girl Mad Scientist Crazy Moose Flo's Flowers Wolfsbane painting Wolfsbane cover
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