Monochromatic drawings can result in a striking piece of artwork. Have you ever considered capturing an image of a loved one through this special medium?

Portraits can be developed from photographs, however it is often advisable to have the photo taken by the artist as some lighting effects produce a superior final image (and nothing beats a "face to face" approach!).

Having said that, there's nothing like "capturing the moment". The drawing of my son Mikey (which can be seen in the gallery to the left) is an example - I think I've managed to capture a real pre-teen pose (he's engrossed in watching TV!)

My drawings are done in Conte crayon on pastel paper, with the paper colour chosen to best suit the subject and mood. All drawings are finished with a fixative to protect them, but it is recommended that they be framed or shrink-wrapped soon after completion.

Click once on any image to get an enlarged view. You can scroll through the images in the enlarged view by moving the mouse over the picture to reveal navigation prompts.

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